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Kitten Pictures

Yes, it's time for more kitten pictures. In the past two weeks, Stardust has acquired yet another new collar (her fourth in less than three months), a new collar tag (from her rabies shots), a big fluffy cat bed, and a bookshelf that's actually mine but that she seems to believe is her own.

She's also becoming more and more fascinated by water with each week that passes. It's now at the point where every single time I ever turn on the bathroom sink, she instantly comes running and leaps up on the bathroom counter and sticks her paws and head in the water. She tries to drink out of it, but she doesn't seem to realize that she has big pointy ears on top of her head that tend to redirect the stream of water. Invariably, she positions her head so that the water hits her ears and runs off in the other direction from her mouth, so her head ends up soaking wet but hardly any water ever gets to her mouth. She doesn't give up, though! She never tires of the running water until I tire of watching her and turn the faucet off.

This is the bookcase I received for my birthday. I set it up next to the front door, and I had originally intended to put things on top of it, but Stardust immediately claimed that space for herself, and it became apparent that anything I tried to put there, she was going to knock down onto the floor. So I conceded the space to her. She's thrilled about her new opportunities to fight with the door chain.

She really has it in for the door chain. You can see how offended she is by its failure to hurry up and fall down dead by now.

The doorknob occasionally also gets put to use as a cat toy. You can see a bit of her latest collar in this one. It's another cat-safe collar, but different from the previous cat-safe collar in that this one has a metal buckle with no spike, whereas the other one had a plastic latch. I bought her a new one because she made a daily habit of removing the last not-cat-safe collar, just as she had also done with the last cat-safe one. So far, this one seems to actually stay on her!

You can see her new rabies tag too, but I don't understand why it looks blue in some pictures. It's actually very distinctly purple. And shaped like some kind of rodent.

The bookcase is a really good place from which to leap down onto things and attack them.

Don't mind me; I'm just your unusually fluffy shelftop decor.

This is how she positions herself when I'm about to leave for work each morning, so that she can beseech me with her eyes to stay here and play with her all day instead of ever earning any money. She also comes running to greet me every day when I come back home, but she doesn't usually climb up on the shelf then.

Here is her new cat bed. The store labeled it a "glam pet bed." I wish it were purple and white instead of pink and white, but, well, I had to have it! It's appallingly gendered, but the gender involved is mine, not hers, because I'd have every bit as much (or even more!) had to have it for a male cat. Blame whoever taught me to have such gendered tastes! Stardust herself is probably a butch dyke in training (well, except that she's spayed) and utterly mortified at my choice of furniture for her. But unless she learns to talk and tells me what kind of bed she prefers, she'll just have to live with it.

The cushion is removable. This seems to be, in her opinion, by far the bed's most exciting feature.

Here she's attacking her cat brush. She does this rather a lot, especially when I'm attempting to brush her with it. It's practically impossible to get any brushing done.

She likes to take her toys to bed with her.

Human! You've been neglecting your household duties again! Get over here and make my bed for me this instant!

Meanwhile, I'll just lie here on the carpet and look cute.

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