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Kenji Yoshino and the Cat Who Turned on the Lights, by J. K. Lilian Jackson Rowling-Braun

What is it about this book Covering by Kenji Yoshino? First electronblue started telling me all about it on AIM, then a few days later caseybrienza wrote about it in a LiveJournal entry, and now frankepi sends me the book in the mail. I don't think I've seen so many people not acquainted with each other all simultaneously get excited about the same book since the last time J. K. Rowling published one. And the book is an analysis of civil rights law, not a novel! I'm slightly frightened by the excessiveness of the P.R. campaign. But I guess now I'll get to see for myself what the fuss is about, thanks to Frank.

Stardust learned a new trick today; she figured out how to turn light switches on. Unfortunately, she shows no sign of knowing how to turn them off again. When I came home from work today, I found that the ceiling fan/chandelier in the living room was turned on. I know I didn't leave it on myself, because the only time I've ever turned it on is when photographing the living room - there's just no possible reason other than photography that I could ever need to light the living room with four lightbulbs at once instead of just one. But the switch to turn on the ceiling fan/chandelier is right above the bookshelf that Stardust always sits on when she's saying goodbye to me in the morning, so I suspect she probably flipped the switch immediately after I left, and then left it on for the next eight hours until I came home. Silly electricity-wasting kitten. Anyone know where I can sign a kitten up for ecology and/or economy classes taught in cat language?
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