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They Chopped Down My Trees!

They chopped down all the trees outside my apartment! The one right outside my living room window, and the one overhanging my balcony, and the one by my stairwell - all suddenly reduced to stumps when I came home from work today! With no previous warning!

This is why I want to own a house or halfplex with a yard I have control over, instead of buying a condominium. Because if I lived in a house or a halfplex where I controlled the yard, I would not come home from work to find that all my trees have suddenly been stolen, with no explanation or warning. Or if I did, at least I could call the police and report a crazy tree thief.

Not that it's the end of the world or anything. But I used to have a huge bay window with a view of an ugly parking lot that was significantly obscured by large trees that were covered with flowers in the spring and that turned pretty colors in the fall. Now I just have a huge bay window with a completely unobscured view of an ugly parking lot and no trees anywhere nearby.

(And although I would have renewed my lease for the coming year anyway, I wonder whether it's mere coincidence that they waited until just after I signed it. I renewed my lease on Friday, and on Monday they chopped down all the trees.)
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