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Hagan Park Photographs

My next stop along the American River, after Rossmoor Bar, was Hagan Park. I'd never been here before either. The local park district seems to have a central administrative office on the edge of Hagan Park, so I guess that means they consider it a really good park. I concede that it was a lot less ugly than Rossmoor Bar. But it was also a lot more artificial - starting with the artificial lake in front of the park administration building. At least the ducks and the egret (in the upper left corner) were real wildlife, and seemed to be enjoying the artificial lake.

Here's a closeup of the egret.

Once again, I left my car outside the park (near the administration building with the artificial lake) and walked the rest of the way to the river so I wouldn't be charged money. Once again, it was a longer walk than I was expecting. But this time the scenery was of children's baseball fields and similar such artificial, people-pleasing turf. The artificialness extended almost directly up to the riverbank, but thankfully it was separated slightly by a paved bike trail from the relatively pristine wilderness of the riverbank.

I don't know what that building is across the river, but I kind of liked it, so I took pictures of it.

I'm further down the shoreline here, but you can still see the same building in the distance.

And one last picture of the building! You're probably sick of the building by now. Okay, so look at how clear the water is! Even in the photographs, you can see the rocky riverbottom. The American River always has really clear water.

I walked further west along the river. Whatever those grasses are, they must be the closest thing we have to a decent native-grass lawn substitute. They were green in September, fairly high up on the riverbank, where they aren't likely to be directly splashed by river water a lot. And they spread out across the riverbank, instead of clumping like most native grasses do (such as the ones you can see on the island in the middle of the river, all growing in clumps with bare spots between them). Too bad I have no idea what they are. The best website anywhere for information on California native plants, by far, claims that there aren't any California native plants that make even a halfway acceptable lawn, so I'm a little confused. Maybe those grasses in the picture aren't native at all? But I doubt anyone would have planted grasses there. Maybe they're just weird grasses that turn brown and dead-looking for the other half of the year, when we get actual rain.

This is a tree next to the river. I don't know what kind. Maybe someone else can identify it for me.

This is a closeup of the same tree.

These are some other trees. One of them looks like it's trying to go swimming.

This is a tree with a humongous and impressive root system exposed.

This is the same tree. Did I mention that it has seriously impressive roots?

Here's more of the riverbank. The grasses aren't so green here. Except for the clumping ones on the island, and a few way down close to the river where they get a lot of water.

This (in the foreground) is invasive yellow starthistle, which I definitely wouldn't want in any hypothetical yard of mine.

These are some grasses down by the river.

This is the same scene, but with the sun included. I like photographing the sun sometimes, even though it usually doesn't produce very good pictures.

Here, have some more yellow starthistle!

I noticed that the sun was setting, so I climbed down on these rocks to wait for it and take pictures. Upstream from me, the reddish smudge on the riverbank is some people fishing.

Downstream from me is the sunset.

How perfect is that water?

When the sun had disappeared over the horizon, I climbed back up the river and started the walk back along the riverbank. Here's the river and its islands, just after the sun had set.

And here's a view toward the east.

I really, really, really, really like this picture.

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