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So uh, I bought the stupidly expensive software that my workplace required me to buy so that I can telecommute. Or at least I bought the most expensive portions of it. So with $240 and 8 hours of my life gone, I'm now sitting here with a computer that has been upgraded to Windows XP Professional, and that, as a result of this process, has somehow lost all ability to interface with a mouse. And now I want to scream and throw things. I think it has something to do with the fact that Windows apparently no longer recognizes the existence of my "Tape Controller." I have no idea what that is, but whenever I go to "Add Hardware" and attempt to search for my mouse, it gives me the message "Windows cannot load the Tape Controller installer," and it also gave me the same message during the installation process. It keeps telling me to contact my hardware vendor. I'm more inclined to blame Microsoft, personally, since my previous Windows XP Home Edition seemed to recognize the Tape Controller and mouse just fine.

Anyway, I need help. For starters, can someone find me a handy list of common keyboard shortcuts, so that I can actually figure out how to do much of anything other than post to LiveJournal about my problems? Okay, I managed to set up MouseKeys on my own, but now I just need other forms of help that are more difficult to come by! Trying to do anything involving a web browser is terribly time-consuming without a mouse, and this is severely handicapping my efforts to research the problem.

Edit: "Found USB Human Interface Device!" IT FINALLY FOUND MY MOUSE!!!! Fully ten hours after I began the installation, I made one last-ditch effort just before going to bed. My last-ditch effort consisted of the amazingly complicated and technical procedure of unplugging and replugging the mouse for the tenth time. And suddenly it works! Half my weekend has been eaten up in an extremely unpleasant manner, but I'm on my way to being able to telecommute!
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