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The Standard Election Day Post

I finally found time to go look at the local and statewide election results. They're a little under half counted right now, but, um I tried really hard to find something good to say about them, and this is all I can come up with:

California voters do not believe that pregnant teenage girls should be legally required to notify their parents or guardians (even if their parents or guardians are sometimes the ones who got them pregnant in the first place!) before getting an abortion! And California voters also do not want taxpayers to have to financially compensate corporations every time a new environmental regulation lowers the financial value of the corporations' land by forbidding them to pollute it as much!

Unfortunately, not much else looks particularly good. But I'm old enough and have been through enough election days before that I already knew what we were in for. So there's no need to act disappointed when I never really had any higher hopes for this election anyway, is there?

So in more surprising revelations, I just checked the mail and discovered that I have received Microsoft Outlook. Which means I could be telecommuting right now, if only my new software would all stop needing endless security updates downloaded and start working correctly. But no, I'm not feeling optimistic about that either. It's hard to feel optimistic about much of anything on any Election Day. Currently I suspect it's more likely that my cat will be elected the first female President of the United States (in a midterm election, no less, and with the sitting president sadly not having even been impeached yet!) than that the election results tomorrow morning will manage to please me much. (And no, having my cat elected president would not particularly please me. I wouldn't vote for her myself. At least not until her litterbox etiquette improves.)

Speaking of impeachment: I voted for more Democrats and fewer Peace & Freedom Party candidates than usual, partly because some Democrats sent me political advertisements that specifically called for Bush to be impeached. I felt that this was sufficient demonstration of their ability to properly represent me that I should give these Democrats my vote. So I voted for them. Naturally, they're losing badly, whereas the evil traitorous Democrats who voted to approve Bush's invasion of Iraq are winning.

On second thought, even if voters did elect a hyperactive 7-month-old cat with all the social finesse of a typical 7-month-old human but even less brains, it would still be an improvement. She might still want to kill every human being in Iraq, but at least she'd only do it by trying to chew them all to death, which would not contaminate the area with depleted uranium for centuries to come.
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