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The American River at Gristmill Recreation Area

Now that it's December, I should probably finish posting the photographs I took along the American River Parkway back in September, shouldn't I? And the ones I took in October, too. I'll try to get to October later this evening, but for now, here's the last of September.

Continuing my exploration of spots along the American River that I hadn't previously been to, I went to a little place on Mira del Rio Drive that's not even big enough to be called a park, and that is therefore apparently known instead simply as Gristmill Recreation Area. The walk from the street to the river here is very short, but there isn't much to see at the end of the walk. And pretty much the only thing to see during the walk is this pile of logs.

The river has created a sort of beach here, composed not of sand but of fairly substantial river rocks.

Unfortunately, people drove their cars right up next to the river where they really got in the way of my photographs. There were several cars parked next to the river, but I was trying to pick camera angles that didn't include them.

To the left of the truck in the photograph above, there was a little inlet where the river was washing back upstream.

Since there was nowhere else to go and nothing else worth taking pictures of, I took a lot of pictures of that inlet. Does anybody reading this happen to know what the mint green shrubbery is?

See? I told you I took a lot of pictures of it.

Then I took one last picture of the river itself. And then I went home.

There, I'm all caught up with posting my September photographs now!
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