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The American River at Ambassador Park

In October I went to Ambassador Park, which impressed me as being one of the nicer spots along the American River Parkway. The river comes right up next to the street, the plants are alive-looking even in October, and the parking is free.

The opposite shore looks quite desert-like.

I usually think of the north side of the American River as having all the advantages over the south side, because all the bookstores are over there (and most of the other stores, too). But I was pleased to see that the natural landscape looks much prettier on my side - at least at Ambassador Park.

There's a fairly narrow but extremely dense strip of woodland that blocks the parking lot from view almost the moment you step out of it.

And the riverbank is directly on the other side of it.

There are plenty of different paths down to the edge of the water.

Much of the shoreline is quite green and grassy.

So I climbed down and took close-up pictures of the probably-native grass. Too bad I can't identify what kind it is.

Then I took pictures of the intricate root systems of the probably-native trees, which I also can't identify.

At some points, the river is so shallow that I was able to walk almost a quarter of the way across it without even getting my feet wet, just by walking on the scattered rocks visible above the water's surface.

I took pictures while I was standing on those rocks.

Then I climbed back up the riverbank and continued on down the path until the next opportunity to climb down.

I really wanted to capture these trees and the foliage beneath them and the shoreline beneath that, all in a single photograph, but there just wasn't any adequate vantage point on my side of the river, and there weren't any bridges conveniently nearby for me to cross.

So I took a separate photograph with the river and the bottom of those same trees.

There was a woodpecker on those dead trees up there, but it was camera-shy and kept flying away every time I tried to photograph it.

I turned around when I got to the dead trees, because I could see the Sunrise Boulevard bridge in the distance, and I've already photographed the area around that bridge before. I headed back down the path the way I had come.

The sun was about to set when I returned to my car, so I passed by the parking lot and wandered a little way the other direction to wait until I could take a sunset photograph.

And here it is. One of the most common sights to be seen anywhere in Sacramento County: oak trees silhouetted against a cirrus-cloud-strewn sunset.

I haven't taken any photographs in November or December, so now I'm all caught up with my photograph-posting!
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