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Not a Hypothetical Question

If one has a cat who knocks over a particular lamp almost every day, and if almost every time the cat knocks over the lamp, the lightbulb in the lamp goes out and never ever works again after that (not in that lamp nor in any other), which of the following should one blame the most?

(a) the cat
(b) the lamp
(c) the lightbulbs
(d) the outlet
(e) other; explain here: ____________

My original answer was (c), but after I went through 5 lightbulbs in that one lamp in less than a month, it started to seem less than credible that every single one of these lightbulbs could have been faulty. My next answer was (b), so I spent $30 on a new lamp. But less than four hours after I brought home the new lamp and set it up in place of the old one today, Stardust promptly knocked over the new lamp, and the lightbulb went out, and the lightbulb would no longer work in any lamp. I have never had any problem at all with lightbulbs in either lamp in that outlet except for when the lamps are knocked over by the very persistently lamp-hating cat. Tell me, cat owners: How exactly does one go about cohabiting with a cat and a lamp simultaneously?

(It would also be nice if Stardust would unlearn how to open cupboard doors, so that I could actually use any of my cupboards for storing anything, and not have all the cupboard doors continually clawed open every two minutes and all the contents of all the cupboards dragged out all over the floor and put to use as cat toys. But at least I know what the solution is for that, even though I don't much look forward to having to install cat-resistant latches on all my cupboard doors.)
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