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1. What event is coming up that you're most excited about? No event that I actually know for sure will happen. Several events that might or might not happen.
2. What event is coming up that you're most dreading? Doing my taxes, because this is the first year in which it would really be advantageous to itemize them.
3. Who were you last angry at? A co-worker (now an ex-co-worker), one day in January.
4. Who was last angry at you? I don't know. Probably someone on LiveJournal. Probably not someone I know very well, or they'd have told me they were angry and then I'd know who was last angry at me.
5. Who were you last in love with? It depends somewhat on how you define the term, but most likely rekraft.
6. Who was last in love with you? I don't know. Possibly spiritofnow.
7. Who did you last hug? Juliet.
8. Who did you last shake hands with? A new co-worker.
9. Who did you last dance with? I have no idea. No one since 8th grade P.E. class.
10. Who did you last kiss? chisparoja.
11. Who did you last go to a restaurant with, and what did you eat? Juliet; hamburger.
12. Who did you last cook for, and what did you cook? Co-workers; Mediterranean herbed bread.
13. Who last cooked for you, and what did they cook? Co-workers; miscellaneous pot luck foods, most of which I didn't eat, due to either greenness or spiciness.
14. Who did you last go to a movie in a theater with, and what movie was it? rhekarid; Fahrenheit 9/11.
15. Who did you last rent a movie with, and what movie was it? chisparoja; Star Trek: Generations.
16. Who did you last go shopping with, and what did you buy? rekraft; books. Provided that restaurants don't count as shopping.
17. Who did you last borrow clothes from, and what did you borrow? I'm not sure I've ever borrowed clothes from anyone. But when I was in high school Christine gave me one of her skirts, because I liked it a lot more than she did. Fifteen years later, I still have it.
18. Who did you last lend clothes to, and what did you lend? chisparoja; a shirt.
19. Who did you last drive somewhere, and where did you drive them? rhekarid, to my apartment to pet my poor feline-rhinotracheitis-stricken brand-new kitten, Stardust.
20. Who last drove you somewhere, and where did they drive you? joannasatana, around San Francisco. Unless you count bus drivers, also around San Francisco.
21. Who did you last invite to your home? electronblue and thorn11.
22. Whose home did you last go to? My grandparents'. Or outside of my family, rhekarid's.
23. Who did you last write a LiveJournal comment to? legolastn.
24. Who did you last email? At home, dzuunmod. At work, my boss.
25. Who did you last instant message? At home, Sharon. At work, my boss.
26. Who did you last talk to on the phone? At home, my office's tech support desk. At work, my boss.
27. What did you do today? Pasted ID codes into Excel for four hours, did actual editing for three hours, and intermittently trained my trainees. Then went grocery shopping, came home, petted my crazed feline roommate, and put Pasta-roni in the microwave.
28. What are you doing tonight? Using LiveJournal. Possibly also tinkering with my landscape design plan for a purely imaginary yard. And petting this grey fluffy thing that has decided to curl up on my lap.
29. What are you going to eat? Pasta-roni. The grocery checkers made fun of me at the store today for buying hardly anything else!
30. What are you going to do tomorrow? Work, come home, use LiveJournal. And completely miss out on all the fun snow my parents are getting in the mountains right now. My mother is sending me pictures of it, but it will be all melted before I have any chance to drive there.
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