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The Fashionable Queer

From the Tyger Talk blog, by an apparently heterosexual-identified Dittohead type of boy* whose profile page claims, "Democrats are the disease . . . I am the cure":
Then you have what I call the "Queer By Choice"....aka "The Fashionable Queer"....aka "Being-Bi-Is-Cool Queer". These are attention freaks who are "gay" because it's a fad and a fashion to them. They are the idiots that fart in church, talk loudly in movie theaters, and cause scenes in 9 out of 10 restaurants they eat out at. You KNOW the type. These are the people who are so lost in their value-less interpretation of life that they only are aware of their own existence when they are demonstrating behavior that is shocking to normal people. Most of them are textbook narcissists.

AND ALL OF THEM (the "Fashionable Queers") are card-carrying liberals and Democrats.  EVERY last one of them....
I think it's hilarious how he managed to incorporate references to the very top three common types of buildings that I'm probably least likely to ever be caught dead or alive in: churches, movie theaters, and restaurants! And then the idea of me ever talking loudly in any public place, or making even the slightest scene in a business of any kind! Or me ever having the slightest desire to be fashionable or cool!

I was going to give him credit for a tiny degree of accuracy for that last paragraph I quoted above, but then it occurred to me that I'm not actually a Democrat even though I often vote for them (I'm a registered member of the Peace & Freedom Party instead), and I don't particularly identify as a "liberal" but rather as a "radical." So even though at least he's in the right general neighborhood for a change in that last paragraph, he still didn't actually get anything right.

Oh, and it's funny how many patriotic Republicans like him punctuate in the un-American way, with the period outside the quotation marks. It's like they have a secret desire for the U.S. to be invaded and conquered by Britain! Maybe the Bush Administration would interrogate him about it, if anyone in the Bush Administration actually knew how to follow the American rules of punctuation either.

* He's 47 years old, but he's been known to refer to women at least as old as 39 as "girls"  (in an entry on February 10th of this year), so I'm returning the favor.
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