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I Have Seen the Light!

As many of you know, I've been fairly frustrated lately with my longstanding inability to find a girlfriend. At first I tried to address this by simply trying harder to find one, but it doesn't seem to have worked. Eventually I realized what I should have realized long ago: women (including me) are just so much pickier about who they date than men are that it's simply not possible for two people as picky as women are to both want to have a relationship with each other at the same time. Or at least not for long enough to actually manage to show up for a first date before one or the other of them changed their minds.

I had avoided this conclusion for a long time because I thought I knew lots of examples of women in relationships with other women, and this seemed to prove that such things are possible. But then I read a statistic about how the majority of people cybersex chatrooms who claim to be female are actually male, and it occurred to me that the only good explanation for why about two thirds of LiveJournal users claim to be female is that a whole lot of them are lying. And most of the lesbian couples I've ever known are couples I've only known online! I have known many women offline who claimed to be in relationships with other women, but I can only think of two female-female couples where I ever met both members of the couple. Most likely all the non-single lesbians I've ever met were lying about having girlfriends. I'm not sure what the two couples where I met both halves of the supposed couple were up to, but probably either they were pretending to be in a relationship when they really weren't, or one of them was secretly male, intersexed, or a not-fully-mentally-female-yet-or-anymore transperson.

So yesterday evening when two Jehovah's Witnesses came to my door, I started thinking about how they had a point about same-sex relationships not being viable (at least not for women - but there's probably some other reason that they aren't viable for men either; I just haven't discovered those problems firsthand because I'm not a man) and how this seems to imply that maybe they're onto something about God having told them so. I invited them in and talked to them for a while, and they promised me that God would forgive me for 30 years of atheism and 15 years of actively promoting homosexuality and bisexuality, if only I repent now and undo the damage as best I can. So I agreed to go to their Kingdom Hall this morning and see what it's like. I needed to find out whether my fundamentalist friend normlessness's recent claim that reading too much Astronomy magazine can turn people into atheists was the reason for my atheism, because my mother has subscribed to Astronomy magazine for years and I always used to look through it when I was bored.

So this morning I went to the Kingdom Hall. And GOD SPOKE TO ME! He (because it's true, He spoke in a male voice, and when I expressed surprise that He would be male, He exposed Himself to me in a divine vision just to prove that He really was) commanded me to give up my website and create a new Straight by Choice website instead, and change my LiveJournal name to StraightByChoice. I will be working on doing that today.

I've also decided that from now on, I will begin or end all my LiveJournal entries with a Bible quote. Here is today's, which I learned at the Kingdom Hall this morning:
Balaam answered the donkey, "You have made a fool of me!" (Numbers 22:29)
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