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What the hell do China and Singapore think they're doing? Is there anything more likely to cause a violent revolution by the nations' youth than depriving entire nations of the ability to access their LiveJournals?

If I had spent the last two terms in office as president of the United States instead of Bush, now is the crucial moment during my term of office when I would start being seriously tempted to follow in the tradition of so many bullying and warmongering presidents who have gone before me. What kind of sanctions bomb threats diplomatic techniques can the U.S. government unleash upon Singapore to make them give back our access to rekraft?

And let's pretend not to notice the fact that I didn't give any thought to this at all when the 1 billion, 314 million people in China were deprived of access to LiveJournal; it only became an important issue when the additional 4 million people in Singapore were deprived of Internet access. Because . . . well, because I don't know anybody who lives in China right now! Look, I apologize for the fact that my pretense of not being a typical self-centered American who only cares about my own rights and not other people's is not very convincing today. But please tear down the Great Internet Wall of China and Now Singapore, and let us resume normal communications with rekraft, okay?
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