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Occasionally Uttering Racial Slurs Doesn't Frighten Anybody!

From an article by Rich Lowry in the Salt Lake Tribune:
Behind some of the plaints of Virginia Tech staff that nothing could be done about Cho, you can hear the undercurrent: Who were we to judge? Of course, if he had occasionally uttered racial slurs rather than frightening those around him with bizarre behavior, the full apparatus of administrative power at Virginia Tech would have been brought down on him.
Uh, how much do you want to bet that Rich Lowry is white? How the hell else could he write that sentence as if "occasionally utter[ing] racial slurs" somehow wouldn't constitute "frightening those around him"? And considering that many news reports have mentioned that former high school classmates of Cho said that students made fun of Cho's bad English in high school, maybe if "the full apparatus of administrative power" at his high school had come down on those people, he would have ended up a little bit less angry and not taken quite such violent action. (Or maybe it wouldn't have made any difference; who knows? But it would have been the decent thing to do.) Tell me, why is "the full apparatus of administrative power" at the Salt Lake Tribune failing to come down on Rich Lowry?
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