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The Fat-Positivity Poll

The purpose of this poll is to provoke people whose answer is "No" to notice themselves feeling ashamed to confess this in public, and therefore provoke them to realize that every time they say certain things about their or other people's bodies, they're already revealing this same embarrassing fact about themselves in public anyway. The poll is deliberately phrased in a simplistic binary manner to reduce people's ability to get away with wishy-washy evasions. The poll is not designed primarily to obtain actual information, but rather to affect the thoughts of the people who read it.

Poll #977643 The Fat-Positivity Poll

Are you fat-positive?


(This post constitutes argument through conformist social pressure, not argument through logical reasoning. I feel that there's so much conformist social pressure in the opposite direction already that perhaps some conformist social pressure in this direction is necessary to change more people's behavior in regard to this subject. But for actual logical reasoning, I really like Sandy Szwarc at Junkfood Science.)
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