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Eight Quirky Things About Me

frou_frou_dyke tagged me, and told me to do this meme about listing eight odd or quirky things about yourself. I'm not tagging anyone, but feel free to do the meme if you feel like it.

1. Whenever my furniture has a flaw in the finish, I tend - almost without thinking about it at all - to compulsively remove the entire finish. It's generally only after I've completely removed the entire finish that I start contemplating the problem of how to refinish it in some new way. This habit is the reason that my computer desk, which started out with a fake wood-laminate finish, is now a glittery purple instead. (I also recently successfully repaired water damage that had created an uneven desk surface; I filled in the dents with the acrylic polymer that I normally use to create textured paintings, mixing the sculptable polymer with acrylic paint. This was an unconventional and experimental solution, but it worked unexpectedly marvelously; you can no longer tell that there was ever any water damage at all.) It is also the reason that less than a week ago, I removed all the surface basket weave from a wooden trunk that Stardust had been using as a scratching post. I have not yet refinished this trunk, so it is sitting bare in my living room right now.

2. I practically never rearrange furniture, unless I'm doing so to fit in a newly acquired piece of furniture. This is because I put a great deal of time into choosing the perfect locations for everything to begin with, and I don't understand the concept of how the perfect location could change over time unless new furniture has been acquired. So my furniture tends to acquire new surfaces regularly, but not new locations.

3. I recently discovered that I'm not actually that bad a housekeeper, except for vacuuming. Last week I vacuumed all of my and Stardust's hair off the carpet, and even though this was the only cleaning I did that day, I was amazed at how it instantly transformed the entire place from looking hideously, disgustingly dirty to looking actually quite normal - not the neatest apartment in the entire world, but not appalling by any means. Unfortunately, having long hair and a long-haired cat means that the cleanliness of my carpet is not destined to last very long at all.

4. I spend ridiculously huge amounts of time drawing landscape plans for a hypothetical yard, even though I don't own one yet.

5. As soon as I own a house (or rather, sometime after I've gotten the landscaping well underway), I intend to begin painting murals all over the house, in every square inch that I can think of an appropriate mural for, both inside and out. There will probably be many rainbows incorporated. I think especially my garage door will need a mural, because garage doors tend to be ugly and boring, and I want mine to be interesting and pretty instead.

6. I find the idea of hanging pictures on one's walls to be actually kind of confusing. I do have some pictures hung on my walls, and I do like the pictures I've hung there, but I'm conscious of the act of actually placing the pictures I like on the walls as being a rare instance of something that I've done primarily because other people seem to think I should, rather than because I actually understood exactly why I was doing it and made the decision entirely myself. Painting murals directly on the walls makes far more sense to me. However, hanging mirrors on the walls makes perfect sense to me, and does not feel at all like an instance of conforming with anyone else's tastes.

7. I refuse to wear fake clothes. All those clothes in the stores that are made to look like there's an extra layer where there's really just a piece of fabric in the one place that shows, or that have buttons with no actual ability to unbutton anything, or the appearance of a pocket that doesn't actually have an opening, or the appearance of a skirt in what is actually shorts, or any number of other ways that clothes are commonly designed to look like something they're not. I don't want to walk around beginning every interaction with everyone I meet by deceiving them about random stupid things like what kind of clothes I'm actually wearing. It would imply in my own mind that there was something wrong with the actual number of layers or buttonholes or pockets or whatever in what I actually was wearing. I don't want clothes that make me feel my clothes are somehow inadequate and need to be disguised as a different kind of clothes.

8. There's a saying in the publishing industry that to be a good editor, you have to be a perfectionist, but that to keep your sanity has an editor, you have to not be a perfectionist. I am a perfectionist and an editor, but I disagree with the notion that being an editor is bad for the sanity of perfectionists. I understand the reasoning behind it; however, I think that a true perfectionist can be every bit as perfectionistic about anything as they can about editing, and can therefore put their sanity equally much at risk no matter what they do for a living. Therefore, I may as well have a job where at least my perfectionist tendencies are valued and put to good use!

(And actually, I think perfectionism is usually really quite a fun hobby or game, nowhere near the pure stress that non-perfectionists seem to think it is. You're the one setting your own challenges for yourself and trying to meet them; I think setting your own challenges and then striving to meet them or successfully meeting them is really what most of the fun in the world consists of. It's only when other people or things start setting challenges for you, without your consent, that challenges tend to start becoming not fun.)
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