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Cat and Blender

I bought a blender today. It's my first "real" blender, in the sense of looking the way blenders are traditionally supposed to look and having a reasonable number of settings. My previous blender was a thing you could stick into any glass or bowl and press a button on, but it only had two speeds and neither speed worked very well, and then recently the muffler broke and it became deafening. So I replaced it. Now I can blend things! This evening I blended pineapple and strawberries and orange juice. But I want new and interesting ideas for things to blend. Someone suggest creative blending recipes, please! Preferably not quite as creative as the blended iPod, though.

In other news, Stardust has condescended to associate with me again! She was deeply traumatized by the recent visit to the vet and took to hiding under my bed most of the time for several days, which was strange because she had never, ever, ever spent time under my bed before. But now she has re-emerged and resumed ordering me around haughtily. She says that my gift to her of a cardboard box with a picture of a blender on it has been deemed acceptable.

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