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My girlfriend is in my kitchen and she is cooking! Or rather, she is attempting to cook while pausing every three seconds to make fun of me for not owning olive oil, wooden spoons, a colander, any sharp non-serrated knives, more than one saucepan, a cutting board, a teakettle, a coffeepot, or a corkscrew. The latter three are of course items I don't need because I'm not addicted to caffeine or alcohol. The former six are items I don't understand because I don't understand cooking or food.

Stardust is watching Susan and trying to figure out what this bizarre activity called cooking is about. Susan is offering her chicken and cheese, and Stardust is sniffing at them and refusing to eat them.

"I have better cooking utensils in my camping gear than you have here!" says Susan. And after a moment: "Then again, I also cook more often with my camping gear than you cook here."

I am writing this because Susan advised me to stay out of the kitchen because I am not to be trusted near food. But I am interrupting my writing at times to go follow Susan onto the balcony, where she went to smoke, so that I can kiss her and distract her terribly from her cooking. It is great fun to distract her from her cooking.
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