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Lunar Revolution Presents

Susan bought me presents for our one-month anniversary, or as she put it, our lunar revolution, last week. I didn't receive them until today. She had books delivered to me at work: Native Treasures: Gardening with the Plants of California and Elizabeth Bishop: The Complete Poems 1927-1979. She pointed out that both books have flowers in them, so it is like having flowers delivered to me at work. Books are better than flowers, though.

My computer is having continued problems with disk errors. Periodically it shuts down and it takes me many tries to get it to boot correctly again. There are some important files somewhere on it that have been damaged. I need to try to reinstall as many files as I can and hope I can fix the right ones. But I'm not entirely optimistic. I'm starting to think that I may need to buy a new computer to really make the problems go away, because every time I reboot, Scandisk finds more new disk errors all over my disk, and I'm not sure why it's acquiring new disk errors at such a rapid pace now.
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