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Cayucos Photographs

I really should get around to posting photographs from back in November, when Susan and I went hiking in the Sutter Buttes. But instead I have pictures from our more recent vacation this month in Cayucos, near San Luis Obispo. Our hotel room had a balcony that directly overlooked the ocean. This was the view from our balcony.

Here's another view of the hotel, its courtyard, and the ocean. Our room was the third from the left, on the second floor.

And here I am in our hotel room with Susan's dogs, Taco and Boston! It was a pet-friendly hotel.

It was also a pet-friendly beach. Here is my beautiful girlfriend Susan on the beach with Boston in front of our hotel. It was high tide when I took this photo, and there was very little beach left dry, so we backed up as far as we could, all the way to these rocks, to try to keep our feet dry (especially Susan's sprained ankle). A fraction of a second after I clicked the shutter, a wave flooded over all of us, all the way up to the rocks.

The beach was gorgeous.

Susan's sister Wendy met us as soon as we arrived and walked on the beach with us, along with her dog Zooey. I took this picture of them while the sun was setting. Wendy is on the left with Zooey, and Susan is on the right with Boston and Taco.

The sunset was also gorgeous.

When the tide was lower and there was some beach to walk on, much of the beach was covered with kelp. The dogs enjoyed the kelp very much.

Taco enjoyed it so much, he waded knee-deep in it.

Boston posed for the camera amid the kelp.

And she waded in the ocean.

There were lots of sea gulls around, so I stood on the balcony and photographed these on the hotel lawn.

Later I walked on the beach and photographed this one on the wall surrounding our hotel courtyard. I was shocked at how close it let me get to it.

We heard there were tide pools near our hotel, within sight and easy walking distance of it. This is the view of the tide pool area from the beach in front of our hotel. To get to the tide pools, we just had to walk out to that blue-grey building in the middle there. The tide pools were directly below that.

Here is a sea anemone. There are some closed sea anemone in this photograph along with the open one; the closed ones are speckled in pale ivory shell bits from the animals they've digested and are located at the top right, bottom right, and slightly left of the open one.

This is a different sea anemone, with a starfish and some barnacles clinging to the rock above it.

Boston went swimming in one of the deeper tide pools, while Taco played with a stick in the background.

When we walked back to the hotel from the tide pools, we passed this little drainage area with two egrets.

We let the dogs wander around in the drainage area. If after seeing the scene above, you turned to your right, you would see the scene below: 13-year-old Taco and 14-year-old Zooey, playing in the drainage area in front of the restaurants next to our hotel.

Here are Boston and Zooey in the same area.

And all three of them.

And just Zooey.

One of the egrets took flight. I photographed it as it passed me.

After we went to the tide pools, we drove north up the coast a little way to see some elephant seals. I'm going to put the photographs from the elephant seals' location in a separate post, because there are so many of them. So in this post I'll just skip past the elephant seals to the sunset on our final night in Cayucos. I took these photographs from our hotel room balcony, while some man was walking his dog along the shoreline below.

Here's one where you can see the hotel courtyard and the picnic table where Wendy, Susan, and I played a card game that Wendy gave to Susan.

On the morning we left, Wendy wanted to photograph Taco because Taco is dying of cancer and will probably never see Wendy again. This is Wendy's photograph of my beautiful girlfriend Susan with Taco.

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