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Elephant Seals

My photographs from Cayucos itself are in the previous post, but in this one I'll share my photographs from the place we drove to on our last afternoon, slightly up the coast from Cayucos. We drove there to see elephant seals, and we sure did see a lot of them. We also took most of our photographs of each other here, rather than in Cayucos itself. Here are Susan and me, as photographed by Susan's sister Wendy. The reason I'm standing that way is that I'm trying to avoid being pulled off the edge of a cliff by Susan's dog Taco. Both her dogs took one look at the elephant seals and were determined to hurl themselves off the cliff to go play with the elephant seals. It took a lot of effort to restrain them.

Here are Wendy and Susan, with Wendy's dog Zooey and Susan's dogs Taco and Boston. And an elephant seal in the background.

Here's Susan posing with Boston. We were trying to get an elephant seal in the background here, but it didn't work.

This effort worked better.

We wanted to show how determined the dogs were to leap off the cliff onto the elephant seals. This effort was the most successful at showing that.

It was really only Susan's dogs who wanted to hurl themselves off the cliff. Zooey seemed much less interested. Here are Susan and Wendy walking Boston and Zooey.

Wendy and me with the elephant seals.

Susan and Boston with the elephant seals. I really like this picture of Susan. I like the way she's looking at me in it.

Boston alone, looking at elephant seals.

Me with Taco, photographed by Susan.

Okay, from here on out it's just elephant seals, not us. Here are the nursing baby elephant seals.

Look closely in the next six photographs and you'll see more of the nursing babies.

There were some slightly older juvenile seals, too.

And of course plenty of adults.

None of them moved very much; most of them just lay there and occasionally waved a fin a bit. One of them stuck its tail in the air a few times, and one crawled out into the water. But mostly they gave the impression of leading extremely relaxing but extremely unexciting lives.

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