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Sutter Buttes Photographs

Way back in November, Susan and I went on an organized geology hike in the Sutter Buttes, "the smallest mountain range in the world." The hike was supposedly six miles round trip, although it didn't feel that long to either of us. I took photographs, and now I'm finally going to get around to posting them. Here is Susan near the start of the hike.

At one point we walked through an area with a fairly dense, shady manzanita growth and gorgeous moss-covered rocks everywhere. Unfortunately I didn't manage to take many pictures there, both because the lighting was very difficult to photograph in and because it was very difficult to stop to take photographs without getting in the way of other members of our hiking group or having them get in the way of my photographs. I did get this picture from that area.

And this one, of a manzanita backlit by the sun.

Most of the rest of the Buttes had a far more arid look to them, despite the continued presence of a fair amount of moss.

The picture below was taken from near where we stopped to have lunch, and shows the distance we had already come from the bottom.

I took the next one right from where we were sitting while we ate lunch. We sat on the ground on the edge of a hill.

After lunch, we were given the option to stay where we were or continue farther up. Almost everyone, including us, chose to continue.

The jagged protrusions around the peaks are caused by erosion revealing the tubes of lava that solidified underground when the volcanoes that formed the Sutter Buttes were still active. (See, I listened to what the guide said! It was a geology tour, after all.)

As we climbed toward a peak, we found rocks that formed natural terraces. This area used to be a lakebed, but unfortunately I didn't listen well enough to remember how the terraces formed. Susan will probably tell me, when she reads this.

We found a huge rock outcrop, and climbed it. Those are the tour guide's legs on top of the rock.

Here is about half of our hiking group on top of that same rock. The tour guide is on the far left, and Susan is the second person from the right.

And here I am, on top of that same rock. It was windy up there, which explains why my hair is flying away from my head. This rock is definitely not a good place to stand if you are afraid of heights.

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