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Yuba River Recreation Area: Photographs

When Susan and I went to Malakoff Diggins last Sunday, we first stopped along the way at Yuba River Recreation Area. I've decided to put the Yuba River Recreation Area photographs in a separate post from the Malakoff Diggins photographs, so this post is just for the former. There was snow at Malakoff Diggins, but not here, because this was at a lower elevation.

We drove across this bridge and Susan parked her truck on the edge of the road directly at the left end of the bridge. From there we climbed down to the river with her dogs and wandered around on the very impressive rocks you can see along the left shoreline.

This is what the river looked like in the other direction.

Susan sifted through pebbles between the larger rocks, looking for particularly unusual pebbles to put in a matchbox and give to me at the end of the trip. Boston swam in the river and waited eagerly for Susan to throw rocks for Boston to dive in after.

Meanwhile, Taco was following me over the next mound of high rocks.

I was wearing pants for the occasion. And hiking boots. Susan said I still didn't manage to look butch.

I asked Taco for a second opinion, but he just looked at me confusedly.

So I sat on top of a particularly high rock and appointed myself queen of the mountain.

Boston appointed herself religious visionary of the mountain. Doesn't she look like she was meant to be a spiritual leader?

My perch on top of the rock was a good place to photograph Susan and her dogs from.

Whenever Susan came back up from the water, Boston trailed after her adoringly and eagerly waited for her to throw more rocks into the river for Boston to chase. (Taco is too old to do much rock chasing, and I'm too unathletic to do much rock throwing, so it had to be Susan and Boston.)

Susan wandered farther up the rocks and resumed sifting through pebbles to put in the matchbox for me. Boston stood next to her and waited impatiently for her to throw some more rocks into the river.

But we temporarily disappointed Boston by taking her and Taco back to the car instead, so we could drive farther up the road to the unexpectedly snowy state historic park known as Malakoff Diggins. I took one last picture before we left, while standing on the bridge and looking straight down at the river.

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