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R.I.P. Loach, R.I.P. LiveJournal

Susan's and my first jointly owned pet died a violent death. I found the loach dead in her fish tank this morning, with its throat visibly ripped out. This happened because one of her students randomly gave her four "convict fish," unasked for, and there was nowhere to put them but in the same tank with two goldfish, a plecostomus, a snail, and the loach. They turned out to be very aggressive. Even the goldfish are afraid of them! The goldfish were also given to her by a student, and they ate all the tetras she had bought for herself. Why do students only give her mean, nasty, vicious fish? Why don't they ever give her nice, well-behaved fish who can get along with others? Anyway, every time I saw the loach after those things were added to the tank, the loach looked obviously extremely distressed. Previously it had spent most of its time sitting on the bottom of the tank and not moving much, but after the convict fish came along, it spent most of its time just below the surface of the water, and was constantly zooming around to avoid the mean fish. I felt horribly guilty every time I went in and looked at the fish tank, because the loach was so agitated. I asked Susan whether we could put the loach in a bowl instead, or put the mean fish in a bowl, but she said they both needed a tank with a filter. Susan certainly couldn't afford to buy another tank right now, and I didn't really want to buy a tank either . . . so now the loach is dead. R.I.P., loach.

The reason I woke up at her place this morning was that I went over there last night to try to make her feel better, because she's been so stressed out by the accident. She had to collect her stuff from the truck on Tuesday, which meant seeing the truck again, which meant realizing just how badly the roof had caved in right over where she had been sitting, which meant realizing for the first time just how close she came to being dead. I didn't really feel like I did much, but she says my being there at all was inherently calming and enabled her to be calmer all day after I left. So that's good. A smaller part of the reason I went over last night was that I wanted to pick up the laptop carrying case she offered to give me. It was too big for her laptop, but it fits mine very well - and it's a nicer case than any I would have bought if I'd bought my own. My laptop is working very nicely so far; the modem is even finally cooperating with dialup. Now I just need to copy my files onto it from Susan's desktop computer, where I backed them all up. I plan to do that this weekend while at her place.

Why must every new company that buys LiveJournal be evil? I really wanted to believe that SUP would be better than SixApart, if only because it would be difficult for them to be any worse. But they seem to be doing a fairly successful job of managing to be even worse. Ugh.

I liked this meme, from gamesiplay and heron61: Everyone has things they blog about. Everyone has things they don't blog about. Challenge me out of my comfort zone by telling me something I don't blog about, but you'd like to hear about, and I'll write a post or comment about it. I can't really think of anything I haven't blogged about, so please point something out to me!
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