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Evil Fish, Geology Class, and Not Going Truck Shopping Yet

Now that Susan's convict fish have finished killing everything else in their tank except the plecostomus and the snail, they've turned on each other. The largest male, who is maybe close to two inches long, chewed off the whole tail and back end of the other male. The smaller male didn't die; it's been swimming around for a week now with a big bloody ragged edge where the other third of its torso should be. Meanwhile, the largest male and the largest female have been digging what may be the beginnings of a nest. They're planning to create more of these evil monster fish! Both of the females are less than half the size of both of the males (well, at least before the smaller male was horribly mutilated), but since convict fish supposedly become capable of reproducing when they're only one inch long, I'm pretty sure that at least the larger of the two females is old enough now.

On Thursday we attended the lecture session of our geology class, with the same professor we took a class from last semester. The rest of the class will consist of a camping trip by the ocean next week. Mostly we spent the lecture being nostalgic about having taken a class like this together last October, and being terribly, terribly amused by how the professor had to try desperately not to look at us while telling the class that school policy requires that we camp in single-sex tents. How very inconvenient!

This weekend we're supposed to be shopping for a new pickup truck for Susan. I helped her find listings online for the kind of truck she wants, and agreed to go with her to help her negotiate. But so far we haven't actually gone shopping at all, because Susan is still grieving for her old truck and can't bring herself to face the prospect of buying a new one yet.
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