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Point Reyes Photographs

Here are my photographs from the second day of our geology class camping trip, when we moved on from Bodega Bay to Point Reyes. This first one is of my beautiful girlfriend, posing on the San Andreas Fault next to the rebuilt section of a fence that had its two ends separated by 16 feet during the San Francisco earthquake in 1906.

And here I am, posing next to the same fence.

Our next stop was Drake's Beach, named for Sir Francis Drake.

Susan and I walked across it together, while the rest of the class was still busy eating lunch. We left footprints.

Drake's Beach had huge wave-cut platforms that were covered with green algae. At high tide they would be underwater, but we went during low tide.

Susan climbed on the wave-cut platforms.

So did I.

I took pictures of the algae on the wave-cut platforms.

Then I sat on a ledge above the wave-cut platforms.

There were a lot of these ledges.

I also photographed the base of the cliffs.

And I photographed Susan at the base of the cliffs.

She climbed a little way up one to pose for me.

Then we left Drake's Beach and went to the very tip of Point Reyes, where the lighthouse is. There was an amazing view.

Fog obscured the horizon in some areas, blending the ocean and the sky into an undifferentiated blue.

I waited in line to turn in the class notes for both of us, which the professor graded and handed back a few minutes later. We each got an A. After class was completed, I wanted to walk down the 382 steps to the lighthouse, but Susan didn't want to go with me, since her injured foot was hurting her. So she waited at the top while I walked down.

Then I had to walk all the way back up to the top again.

And then we went back to our campsite. We stayed one extra day after everyone else in our class had gone home, and then we went home too.
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