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Very Bad Day

I broke up with Susan today. Our relationship just hadn't been working anymore since the NCAA women's basketball playoffs started. She wouldn't stop talking about basketball! Ever! Whenever I went over to her place, she spent the whole time in front of the TV, switching from one women's basketball game to another the whole day long, periodically standing up to demonstrate basketball plays to me (as if I'd care!) and telling me how she used them as a high school basketball coach in the past or planned to use them in the future. And it made me realize that since she buys season tickets to the Sacramento Monarchs WNBA games every year, there's really no way of interacting with her at all between mid-winter and the end of summer that doesn't involve constant discussion of basketball. Even when we went camping together so she didn't have access to the games on TV anymore, she kept trying to find them on my car radio, and making us late to class because she had to stop at the nearest store to buy a newspaper and check the women's basketball scores. I just couldn't handle having that much basketball in my life for half of every year. If only we hadn't happened to meet right at the end of last year's WNBA season, I would have recognized our incompatibility much sooner, and we both probably could have been spared a lot of pain.

Another thing that helped me decide I needed to break up with her was her irresponsible behavior in keeping those dangerous fish around. This morning before work, I stuck my hand into the the fish tank to try to remove the dead body of the latest fish they murdered, and the largest of the convict fish (the father of all the tiny mean babies) bit me so deeply on my ring finger that the bone of the whole first joint was exposed. I called in sick to work and went to the hospital, but my doctor said the top two sections of my finger weren't salvageable. She amputated it at the first joint.

So that's how I lost Susan and most of my ring finger on the same day. In other news, I've decided to make use of one good thing I did get from my relationship with Susan - namely, the cooking skills she taught me - by quitting my job as an editor and becoming a professional chef. Oh, and I think I should go back to Kingdom Hall again sometime soon, too.
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