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Truck Shopping

Okay, okay, so I didn't really break up with Susan. April Fool! She was actually the one who suggested that I should claim to have broken up with her for April Fool's Day, and she also suggested the reason for the fictional breakup. It's true that she spends many hours in front of the TV, switching from one women's basketball game to another the whole day long, and periodically standing up to demonstrate basketball plays to me, and it's true that she buys season tickets to the Sacramento Monarchs every year. But it's not true that she looked for any basketball news while we were camping. I don't think she actually mentioned basketball at all until we were back home.

Yesterday I went with her to test-drive a truck. She loved the truck, but the seller (a private seller) wanted to charge quite a bit more than the Kelley Blue Book price. Susan made several offers, but the seller made no counter-offers, and when I pointed out to the seller that the asking price was significantly above Blue Book price, the seller just shrugged and said, "Well, but if I can get people to pay that much . . ." So I advised Susan not to buy it, and she didn't, and we went home. But she's unhappy about not getting the truck. Oh, and the seller had modified the truck by raising it about 9 inches higher above the wheels than it would normally have been. I thought this made the truck both uglier and unsafe, due to the higher center of gravity. Susan said she actually liked the modification. I have a girlfriend with bad taste in vehicle modification aesthetics!

Now I feel obliged to help her find a better truck right away, so that my advising her not to buy the one we looked at won't cause her to go truckless very long or to end up with a worse truck.
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