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Susan's Truck, Rhekarid's Book, and My Pasta-Roni

Today Susan did buy that same truck that I mentioned having gone with her to test-drive. She offered $500 more than before, $1,000 less than the seller had asked for, and the seller accepted. Susan has a truck again! Or she will tomorrow, when the paperwork is all signed. Unless something goes horribly wrong, which it shouldn't. I'm going to have a girlfriend with a truck that has ugly modifications that raise it up in the air! My girlfriend is such a redneck. She thinks she only pretends to be a redneck, but she doesn't realize how much it's become a real part of her, even though it's an acquired part rather than one she was raised with. I fear that her dream car is this one.

Last weekend I finished reading the fantasy novel Tailchaser's Song by Tad Williams, which I bought from rhekarid for 50 cents when he was having a garage sale and couldn't find any other customers. The book was about a young tomcat who goes on a long and terribly dangerous quest to rescue a feline damsel whom he imagines to be in distress - his girlfriend of sorts, who has inexplicably disappeared. The book ends when eventually he finds her living safely and happily with a family of humans; unfortunately, she's been neutered and therefore isn't attracted to him anymore. This definitely ranks among the weirdest books I've ever read.

Is it bad if being fed three nights per week by my amateur gourmet chef girlfriend hasn't at all diminished my love of Pasta-Roni? Susan does cook very impressive meals, and I do very much enjoy them; I just also still very much enjoy the Pasta-Roni I make during the other three nights per week when I'm eating alone. Like tonight. (The seventh night per week, I cook frozen pizza for Susan. She doesn't appreciate the greatness of Pasta-Roni, and it's not practical to wait for her to arrive at my place and cook dinner herself, because she arrives so late. Frozen pizza is within my abilities.)
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