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I Can Make Plants Grow!

Not only are the Western redbud and Douglas iris that I bought during our geology class camping trip and transplanted from pots into Susan's back yard still doing well, but the seed potatoes I planted a month or two ago have sprouted! There are four plants outside today with little clumps of dark green potato leaves, where before there was only bare brown dirt. I made plants grow! This is the very first time in my entire life that I've planted something underground and seen it sprout.

Also today, Susan was finally able to finalize her purchase of the redneck silver truck. It's all hers now, redneck lift and all! And it turns out she got a really good financial deal on it, because the seller thought it was a Toyota Tacoma Xtra Cab and told us she was demanding more than the Kelley Blue Book price for that, when really the paperwork indicated that it's actually a Toyota Tacoma Limited Xtra Cab, which is worth significantly more, and she charged Susan significantly less than the Kelley Blue Book price for that. The seller probably would have charged more if she had realized what kind of truck she actually had. But I'm glad she didn't.
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