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LiveJournal Advisory Board Elections

If you are reading this sentence, you use LiveJournal. If you use LiveJournal, you should care about the way LiveJournal is run. And if you care about the way LiveJournal is run, you should vote for the users' representative on the LiveJournal Advisory Board.

In my opinion, the biggest issue that the users' representative needs to care about is making LiveJournal start focusing on what its users want again instead of on what its advertisers want. Advertisers' presence here puts us at risk of greater censorship (because the site owners worry about anything that might scare off the advertisers) and subjects us to unpleasant ads that are often offensive to various demographic groups ("You're not pretty unless you buy our product to make you look more ______!"). For this reason, I voted for rm (first choice), squeaky19 (second choice), and qfemale (third choice). I strongly urge the rest of you to support rm especially. She is endorsed by ljunited and, in my opinion, her position statements (posted in her journal) are many, many orders of magnitude better than any other candidate's. Please vote for her.

(And whatever you do, please don't vote for jameth, who is currently leading in votes by a huge margin and whose campaign platform includes a statement that he does not want any ads removed from the site and does not want to bring back the option of creating new Basic (ad-free, no-cost) accounts.)
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