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Today I ended two and a half plus years of genderfree online existence by officially announcing my gender to my Queerchoice Mailing List. I'm aware that a lot of people like not knowing my gender and would really rather not find out my gender, but keeping it secret had started getting too much in the way so I had to put an end to it. Click here to find out my gender the dramatic way; of course you're free to choose not to click it, but then you'll probably just find it out by accident in some mundane way that's far less fun.

And I'm also asking people to call me by the pronoun of the opposite gender. Not because I think that's what I am (I don't) but just because I'm ornery and I don't feel like cooperating with the system.

Oh, and if you have a whole bunch of spare time on your hands, go listen to this radio interview with me, in which I sound so utterly terrified that you can actually hear me trembling.
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