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Car Accident

I just got in a car accident. I think my car is totaled. I bumped the left side of my head on the side of the car and it knocked my glasses onto the floor, but I don't think my head is actually damaged at all, and my glasses aren't damaged either. Just my car. I didn't realize my glasses had been knocked off my face until I got out of the car and suddenly noticed I wasn't wearing them. I looked in the car and saw them on the floor with one of the earpieces folded, and at first I thought they were broken. They're not broken, and neither is my head. But my car! My car is very broken.

I was going to the drugstore to buy some stuff for myself (shoe inserts, random stuff like that) and also cold medicine for Susan, because she has a cold. I stopped at a gas station first to buy gas, because I was almost out. When I was pulling out of the gas station, there were cars parked on each side of me obscuring the view a little, but I didn't see anyone coming at all, until when I pulled out into the street, a huge truck that was hauling a boat behind it ran into me. The right front corner of the truck hit the left front corner of my car. It left only a very tiny dent in their truck, but it bashed a gigantic hole into my car. I used the cell phone Susan gave me last fall to call her, and then my phone's batteries went dead in the middle of my conversation with her. I'd told her I was at the gas station, and she correctly guessed which gas station I meant, so she came to pick me up. Then I used her phone to call my insurance company. The police came and called a tow truck for me, which took my car away. I will have to get a rental car tomorrow to go home with; I'm spending the weekend at Susan's place as I usually do, and my own place is an hour's drive away.

My car was only insured for damage to other people's cars, not for damage to mine, so if they determine that the accident was more my fault than the other people's, I'll have to pay for buying myself a new car. Since the truck had the right of way, it seems more likely that they'll say it was my fault, although I think the truck might have had to be speeding to have come out of nowhere like that. The truck had just finished turning off a highway onto a 25 mph residential street, so it seems likely that it was still going at highway speeds.

I never did end up obtaining the cold medicine. I expect to have a cold in a few days too, so I'm not sure I'm going to want to go camping.

My car was seven years old and kind of dented, most recently from a nasty parking lot hit and run at my workplace a few weeks ago - I had worked a little late that day, so the parking lot was mostly empty when I came out, and I saw a car that looked exactly like mine except that it had a big dent in the side that had never been there before, and I thought, "That can't be my car, can it, with the big dent in it?" and was forced to realize that it was. So it wasn't in great condition, so maybe I shouldn't be too upset about having to replace it. But it only had just barely 50,000 miles on it! And it was my first real car, the first car I bought from a dealer instead of from my parents. It cost me $12,000 in May 2002. It was a silver 2001 Nissan Sentra. I bought it with the idea that it would last me longer than seven years and a lot longer than 50,000 miles. It was supposed to last twice that long.
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