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Today is the first anniversary of the day Susan and I started emailing each other. Since we met via Craigslist, we celebrated by reading other people's horrible Craigslist personal ads recently. The "men seeking men" ads were particularly entertaining. One of the men saw fit to mention in his personal ad, "My favorite food is Frosted Mini Spooners covered with peanut butter." Since his entire ad was only four lines long, this must be a very important fact to know about him. He also said in his last line that he wants to find someone who'll be the macaroni to his cheese. Susan hasn't stopped asking me to be the macaroni to her cheese ever since.

A different man informed us, "i hate 'NICE' b/c nice levels meaning, it erodes dignity, prevents attainment. if you acquiesce and become nice, you are lost. i hate 'MEAN' b/c evil resides in the white spaces, the linguistic riff between adult and child, between consciousness." I'm sure he meant "rift" instead of "riff," but all I got out of the rest is that he's not nice and doesn't want to admit that he's mean.

Anyway, we're going camping today. We probably won't leave until late in the day, because we have quite a bit to do first. In the meantime, here is a picture of Susan's back yard with the plants I planted on Sunday. From left to right, the plants you can see in the picture are: deer grass (back), coyote mint (front, with a purple flower), buckwheat (middle, with off-white flowers), coffeeberry (back), monkey flower (middle, with orange flowers), and fuchsia (front, with red flowers that aren't really visible from this angle).

I'm worried about the damaged currant, which only seems to be looking worse today. You'd be able to see the currant in the picture if it were less dead; it's located right about where the hose ends, because I've been trying to water it back to life. Most of the other plants are also looking a little worse than when I first planted them; the grapevine has acquired little black spots on its leaves, and the fuchsia has lost one of its two flowers. But the currant is the only one that looks like it might die. It still might live though; it's deciduous, and may grow leaves again when it's feeling better.
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