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The All-American Lesbian Couple Next Door

There is a lesbian couple that has apparently just moved into my apartment complex, in the building next to mine; they've hung a huge Americanized rainbow flag on their balcony that was never there before (it's a rainbow flag with a blue box in the corner with fifty white stars in it - maybe it's more of a rainbowized American flag, really), and they're both sitting out on their balcony surveying the neighborhood. At first it was only one of them out there with the rainbow flag, a very extremely butch dyke positively strutting around in front of the flag by herself, and I thought the flag was an awfully over-the-top effort to meet women while sitting there on her balcony - but a few minutes later her very femme girlfriend joined her on their balcony. So now they're both sitting up there with their huge rainbowized American flag, watching while I carry box after box of books to my car to begin the process of moving in with my girlfriend. I think I'd actually greet them and explain the queer nature of my moving project, if only they had a regular rainbow flag instead of the Americanized version. The Americanized version puts me off, though.

(I'm not actually planning to finish moving until around the end of October at the earliest; I just want to get my books moved a few at a time before then so there'll be less left to do later.)
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