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It's Official . . .

Tonight, my parents and my brother came over to Susan's place for dinner (for the first time ever) and we informed them that we're engaged to be married. I actually managed to announce my engagement in the newspaper (via a letter to the editor opposing Proposition 8) before telling my parents, which is definitely not the order things are supposed to happen in. But it didn't matter, because it wasn't my parents' local newspaper (or mine - it was Susan's local newspaper instead) so they didn't see it. I have since submitted a similar letter to the editor of my parents' and my local newspaper, but that one hasn't been published yet.

I told them, "Susan has something to say to you, but I don't think she's going to say it, so I guess it's up to me . . . This [the ring on my finger] is what we invited you over to see. It's an engagement ring." Then they both congratulated both of us.

Susan's dog Boston barked her head off at my father and my brother (Boston seems to be terrified of men and not of women), but my father was determined to make friends with her, and Susan says he made more progress with Boston than any other male guests have done. Susan's other dog, Taco, somehow managed to politely refrain from stinking very much at all; normally he releases toxic gas nearly constantly that causes anyone within 50 yards of him to keel over, holding their noses and gasping for oxygen. So both the dogs behaved as well as could be reasonably hoped for.

I showed my parents my gardening efforts in the back yard and asked them to help me identify the weeds. Their first reaction was, "What garden? All I see is a lawn," because currently there is so much unwanted grass growing up between my seedlings that the first thing you see is the grass. Unfortunately, it's frequently impossible to pull out the grass without accidentally uprooting my seedlings along with it. Anyway, the desirable seedlings currently in the yard seem to include California golden poppies, something that's probably yarrow, and one tiny lupine seedling that I just discovered this weekend. I'm not sure yet which kind of lupine it is, since I scattered seeds of both Lupinus excubitus (which was part of a seed mix) and Lupinus albifrons var. collinus (which I bought individually). I'd prefer the latter, but I'll be thrilled to have either one, because I'm crazy about lupines. The undesirable seedlings include grasses, dandelions, and large-fruited amaranth. And there's one mysterious kind of seedling that's coming up in various places throughout the yard that doesn't look like anything I planted and doesn't look like any common weeds, but does look very much like a native checkermallow species (Sidalcea malviflora) that I'd love to have, yet it seems too much to hope for such a nice native species just volunteering here.

Susan made tarragon chicken with baby red potatoes and white corn on the cob, and brownies for dessert. We ate dinner with my engagement corn boats and engagement corn holders. (I'm going to call them that forever, just because Susan happened to buy them later on the same day she proposed to me.) We also watched the Angels' playoff game, which has gone into extra innings, and if the Angels lose it, they're eliminated from the playoffs. Susan's team, the Cubs, was already eliminated from the playoffs yesterday, in a three-game sweep. The Angels are my team, and they've already lost their first two playoff games. And they're the visiting team now, so extra innings put them at a huge disadvantage. I keep telling them to win this one for me, but if they're going to, they're certainly taking their time about it. It's now the 12th inning!

And . . . the Angels just scored! They're in the lead! They're trying hard not to be eliminated from the playoffs on the same day I announced my engagement! And . . . two outs in the bottom of the 12th . . . and . . . the Angels won!!!
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