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The "Yes on 8" People Put an Exact Financial Value on Marriage

From the article "Prop 8 Stirs Debate, Even Vandalism, as Election Day Nears":
While gay families experience stress and depression at the campaign to curtail their rights, pro-amendment supporters say that they have suffered too, with more than 200,000 lawn signs being defaced or stolen. The signs cost $2 apiece, but the campaign to revoke marriage equality, Yes on 8, is delivering replacements as the anti-family drive enters the final weeks.

Yes on 8 spokesperson Chip White spoke on the issue of the signs and on reports that an estimated $20,000 in damage has been done to the cars of Proposition 8 supporters.

Said White, "It’s just been so egregious," reported the Santa Cruz Sentinel article.

Added White, "It’s ironic, because the other side claims they are the open-minded side, and they are the tolerant side, but having property damaged or destroyed is not an expression of tolerance."
Yes, that's right: having a $2 sign stolen from your yard is totally equivalent to having your right to get married stolen! All this time they've been claiming we're devaluing marriage? Now they tell us the exact financial value that they've devalued marriage to: It's worth exactly $2 to them. Hey, I have an idea! Let's just give them their stupid $2 (preferably in the form of queer $2 bills, but whatever small change you have handy will do) and remove their grubby little paws from our marriages, shall we?

Honestly, when you're openly campaigning to destroy the marriages of total strangers, having a $2 campaign sign stolen from your yard is the very least you should be prepared for those people to do to you in response. And I say that as someone who has not personally damaged a single sign (nor assaulted a sign-waver, etc.) in any way, and does not intend to.
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