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Garden Update

Winter rains have arrived! It did rain once earlier this month, fairly hard, the first rain since last spring. But this week it has been raining hard for quite bit longer, over several days. So I think the first one was fall rain, and this one is more like a winter rain. Either way, any rain is probably a good thing for most my plants - but unfortunately also a good thing for the weeds, which are a very bad thing for my plants. My baby native garden is becoming even more overrun by invasive annual grasses than it already had been. Attempting to pull the grasses by hand tends to result in accidentally pulling my native seedlings along with them. The mulch I put on the ground makes the seedlings far too easy to uproot! I think my only hope is to find a selective grass-only herbicide, but those don't seem to be available at the garden centers around here. I may have to order one online.

The yard is now a lake too deep for me to wade through. My tiny silver bush lupine seedling - which prefers good drainage - is entirely underwater, so I hope it dries out soon. My foot-tall golden currant - which is supposed to love poor drainage - was knocked down by the force of the rain so it was entirely underwater too. I fished it out, but it remains limp and floating on the surface, unable to stand up straight anymore. I hope it recovers, too. Oh, and some seedlings have sprouted that I'm almost positive are the Ithuriel's spear that I planted.

Chuck B. recently mentioned an online plant sale, so I had to go order some plants before the sale ended. They're not being delivered until next Wednesday, and they'll have to wait for the following Friday for me to actually plant them. But I bought wood strawberry, Sacramento rose-mallow (an endangered species, so I have to try really hard not to kill it), island alum root, foothill penstemon, and two plants I've already killed once before: red monkeyflower and Mojave buckwheat. I wish I could say I have a brilliant new strategy for how not to kill them all over again, but my only strategy is to do everything exactly the same as before except this time, plant them in early November instead of in 110-degree August heat. I think the buckwheat died of transplant stress. The monkeyflower did fine for a month but then lost all its leaves, which might have just meant it was going deciduous, and it might still be perfectly happy to this day except that Susan's dog Boston dug it up and stepped on it and broke it into little pieces, which I attempted to replant but I really doubt that it survived all that. And no, I don't have any strategy at all for preventing Boston from digging up the new one as well. She doesn't normally dig up my plants; I don't know what came over her with that one.
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