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I Wasn't Dreaming of a Wet Christmas . . .

This is how my garden in Susan's back yard looks this morning. How am I supposed to maintain a garden in the middle of a lake?

I think the plants that are underwater will survive it, because I reserved the plants that require any drainage at all for the higher ground in the dry edges of the yard. But I certainly can't reach most of the plants to check on them right now.

My redbud tree is one of the plants on the little remaining dry land. It finally started losing its leaves for the winter, a week or so before Christmas. I'd been wondering when it would get around to that. The leaves stayed completely green, even after they were on the ground. They should grow back in March, hopefully preceded by a purple flower show.

Also, here is our homely Charlie Brown Christmas tree. Susan is particularly delighted by the protruding branch on the left, and descided to call extra attention to it with a bright blue ornament.

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