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View from My Apartment Balcony in the Fog This Evening

My mother spent 25 years longing to escape the Sacramento Valley tule fog, before my parents retired to their current house above the fog line. Now she sends me photographs of her view down onto the top of the fog, because she can't get enough of not having to be underneath it. I, however, would sorely miss the tule fog if I ever moved out of the valley. I wouldn't miss much else about the valley (the native plant life is far more intact in the foothills, for example), but I'd miss the tule fog. And the weird orange color it gives to the sky at night, when it picks up the yellow incandescent street lights and bounces it around everywhere, not letting it go. This is the view from my balcony right now.

I'm only moving to another part of the Sacramento Valley, though, so I won't have to miss the tule fog. It will still be there for me every winter, all winter long. I just won't see it from this particular balcony anymore.
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