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New Year, New Blended Family

After three days of hiding quietly in the den while I was away, Stardust at first refused to acknowledge my return, then purred loudly for hours on end, then had a panicky squeaking fit about an hour after Susan and I had gone to bed. She squeaked so much that she woke me up. I had previously shut the door of the den to prevent Boston from bothering her, so I got up and petted her a little and left the door open in the hope that she'd be happier that way. She started squeaking again shortly after I got back in bed, so I called to her to come to me. She has never previously ventured outside the den voluntarily, but this time I think she was extremely lonely and worried about me leaving again. At my apartment she always sleeps on the bed with me, next to my face. Anyway, she squeaked a few more times and then apparently stuck her head tentatively around the corner of the bedroom door - I couldn't actually see her, because it was dark. But Boston saw her, and leapt off the bed and chased Stardust back under the futon in the den again, at top speed, terrifying her so that I don't know when Stardust will ever dare venture out of the den again.

I tried looking through the dog training book that my parents gave me for Christmas, but it doesn't mention cats anywhere at all. I don't know how to train Boston to stop chasing Stardust, or train Stardust to stand up to Boston and hold her ground. Stardust is more timid than the average cat, and has no previous experience with dogs. Boston has no previous experience with cats. Taco has plenty of previous experience with cats and has done absolutely nothing to harass Stardust in any way, but I don't know how to use that to train Stardust to be braver or Boston to be nicer to her.

Last night we moved probably half the stuff from my apartment into the duplex. Two tall bookshelves and some boxes are still sitting in the back of Susan's pickup truck at this moment. Of the stuff still at my apartment, approximately half of it still needs to be moved, and the other half needs to be taken to the dump.

Right now, Susan is making us a delicious late breakfast of potatoes, onions, scrambled eggs, sausage patties, and toast. I am very much looking forward to it.
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