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Inner Children

Pattie from The Asrai Collective talked to my 10-year-old self on AIM today. We talked about ghosts. Pattie is afraid of them and I'm not. Though I admit that being 10 years old was a little spooky. We talked for about half an hour and then my 10-year-old self ran out of things to say so I went back to being my almost-25-year-old self. I don't have a lot of psychological maneuvering room as a 10-year-old. Well, I do but not in the directions that I usually need these days.

Also realized that the reason I decided to turn into a 10-year-old in the first place was that I was talking to a 5-year-old and the imbalance of being an adult trying to talk to a child made me terribly uncomfortable, so I had to narrow the gap as much as I could somehow. Turning into a 10-year-old did the trick.
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