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President Obama

I'm happy that Obama is president. I really am. He's the first person I voted for who has actually become president, or who has actually even had the faintest chance of becoming president. He's the first major-party candidate I voted for for president. And I'm glad he made it. I trust that he has significantly better intentions than any other president in my memory, and I hope he lives up to his good intentions.

But all that aside, he's still the president. I don't think he's going to be entirely devoid of the corruption historically inherent in being the leader of this imperialist nation. I remember the bitter disappointments of the last Democratic president, and how right-wing many of his decisions turned out to be, so I'm wary of getting my hopes too far up again. It worries me when so many other people - especially people so young they can't possibly remember the full eight years of Clinton all that well, people who were still in elementary school when Clinton first took office, or perhaps even not yet old enough for elementary school - seem to be getting this carried away in their enthusiasm for Obama. I want to see what he actually does for us. Then I'll know how much enthusiasm is merited. For now, I'm just keeping an open mind, and hoping (but not placing any bets one way or the other) that he'll govern in a way that will make me want to vote for him a second time in 2012.
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