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Job Applications and Drainage Ditch

I've applied to four jobs now. One Tuesday, two yesterday, one today. I started with the jobs most similar to my old one, not because they're the jobs I want most (I liked my old job more for the people and the fact that it was an editing job than for the specific types of materials I was responsible for editing) but because they're the easiest jobs to write cover letters for. The one today was about as different from my old job as I'm likely to bother applying for - it was a technical writing job rather than an editing job - which is why the cover letter took me all day to write. Hopefully they'll start getting easier and less time-consuming now that I have cover letters written for a decent variety of jobs.

It rained all night, flooding the back yard again. I was worried about my new plants that need good drainage, so I spent a few hours this morning extending the drainage ditch I'd previously dug. Now it goes out to the front yard and halfway down the front yard slope. Unfortunately I still can't seem to persuade the water to just flow down the slope without me digging a trench for it, so the water is still just sitting in the trench until I get around to extending it all the way to the street. Also, the water in the front yard part of the drainage ditch seems to have mostly evaporated over the course of today, but the water in the back yard part of it hasn't flowed out to the front, so I guess I need to find the blockage and dig that some more, too.

I've been working on this drainage ditch for almost a month now, including about four hours apiece on each of three different days. It starts in the back yard, in the middle of our back yard lake.

It curves around the patio, which is being taken over by unwanted annual bluegrass, and flows almost directly under the unidentified shrub. It continues through the side yard, among the rocks. There was more water in this section when I was digging it this morning. I think I need to dig it deeper, so that the water from the earlier sections drains into it again.

Next, it goes under the fence to the front side yard, behind the three huge, wheeled bins for green waste, recycling, and trash. Then it goes under a second fence and out to the front yard, curving around the arborvitae toward the oleanders - but not quite out to the street yet.

The coral bells in my flower bed have just about doubled in size since I planted them in November. That's one of the reasons I bought another of them and planted it in the back yard the day before I was laid off. They're perfect for shady spots with a roof over them that prevents them from getting much water. Oh, and the bluish bits in the mulch of the flower bed are blue cones from the arborvitae. They don't seem to produce any seedlings, which is good, because I don't have any desire to raise baby arborvitae.
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