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Old Photographs from My Apartment Complex and Around Sacramento County

I didn't apply for any jobs at all yesterday. Not for lack of effort; I just couldn't find a single job anywhere that I was eligible and qualified for but that wouldn't cut my salary in half compared to my old job. I still can't find any this morning, either. This doesn't bode well.

Anyway, to pass the time while I'm unemployed and have no jobs to apply for, I'm trying to clean up old messes. This includes messes of old photographs on my computer that I never got around to posting. There are several sets of these that I won't get to today, but I'm starting with the messiest set of all: the set of photos that don't actually belong to sets. Random single photos from all over the place, with nothing in common with each other, that I never posted because I was hoping to get around to turning them into a set by taking more photos of similar subjects. Most of these date back to around 2006, and since I've now moved away from the locations where they were taken, I'm never going to create sets for them after all.

Let's start with some final photographs of the apartment complex I just moved out of this month. Here's a fire hydrant from it, surrounded by Agapanthus foliage.

When I first moved into my apartment in October 2005, there were beautiful trees overhanging my balcony and screening the huge bay window in the living room from the parking lot. The trees lost their leaves shortly after I moved in - but the following spring, they were covered in flowers. This was the view from my bed in spring 2006.

This was a closeup from my balcony.

And this was the view down from the stairs landing between the second and third floors. I couldn't get enough of it.

In fall 2006, the trees turned pretty colors again. Here's one of them, seen from my front door in fall 2006. Unfortunately, a week or so after I took this photograph, the apartment complex chopped the trees down.

They also emptied the swimming pool for a while. Here's the empty pool, full of dead leaves.

Let's move on to winter. Here's a deciduous shrub in the parking lot - the last photo I'll post of my apartment complex.

Now on to my old neighborhood. This was the grocery store I usually shopped at, on a rainy night in 2006.

And here's the Koreana Plaza Market - another grocery store, slightly closer to me than the Raley's, notable for the wide variety of unusual foods it carried (including almost as big a selection of Eastern European foods as of Korean or other Asian foods - there being a large number of Eastern European immigrants in the neighborhood). It didn't carry many standard American foods though, so I had to go to Raley's for those.

Here's the light rail station next to the Koreana Plaza Market.

And a closeup of it.

This is the view from Highway 99, which I took each weekend when I drove to Susan's place. It goes right through the middle of the Sacramento Valley, with the Sierra Nevadas visible on one side and the Coast Range visible on the other. In between them, in this area, is nothing but farmland.

In spring, the valley was covered with flowers. Not native ones, unfortunately; it was covered mostly in invasive mustard, closely followed by invasive wild radish. This photo from near Sacramento is a good example of what almost any open space in the valley tends to look like in spring. The yellow flowers are mustard, and the white flowers are radish.

Here are some random rock walls that I admired in Folsom.

And here's a random shot of the Tower Bridge in downtown Sacramento, with the lift span raised.

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