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Levee Walk with Dogs

Susan and I took the dogs for a walk this evening on the levee directly behind the houses across the street from us. The levee overlooks this orchard. The mountains in the distance are the Sutter Buttes.

I took the picture above with my camera zoomed in on the Buttes. This is the view without a zoom lens (and from down closer to the water).

The dogs had a good time running ahead of us. Both of them played in the water, but Taco got stuck in the water and couldn't climb back out, so Susan had to climb down and rescue him. Then Taco got too tired to continue walking, so Susan took him home while I took Boston a little farther. Susan says she got home barely before I did, because Taco needed to walk so slowly. Taco is 14 years old and has several kinds of cancer; the vet told us over a year ago that he wouldn't survive the year. We took him back to the vet last week, and she was shocked to see him still alive. But we're not sure how much longer he'll last.

Anyway, this is the rural paradise I now live in. It's wonderful for taking photographs, but horrible for finding jobs. There doesn't seem to be any chance whatsoever of any editing or related types of jobs ever becoming available any closer than an hour's drive from here. And there don't seem to be many publishing companies that allow telecommuting, other than the one that just laid me off.

I applied for another technical writer job today. The job is in Sacramento. It seems very similar to the other one I applied to. I hope one of them hires me, but I know that in this economy, the odds are against it.
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