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Job Frustrations, Computer Frustrations, Garden Frustrations

I'm really having trouble finding any jobs to apply for anymore. I read an MSN article yesterday that urged job hunters to sign up with recruitment firms, so I got briefly excited about that and searched the Internet for recruitment firms that handle editorial jobs - only to find that hardly any recruitment firms ever bother with editorial jobs, because most editorial jobs don't pay well enough for them to bother with. I did find one firm that handles some editorial jobs, so I sent them a resume and cover letter. But today I received a response from them, saying, "Unfortunately due to the nature of the junior level publishing market, our clients are not utilizing our services at this time for this level. Our current assignments are for more experienced candidates."

The real problem is that our culture just doesn't value proper writing anymore. The entire Internet - not just the amateur-written sites, but at least half the professional news articles I click on in Google News, and all manner of other websites representing Fortune 500 corporations - is riddled with grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors. Computer programs released by Microsoft, Adobe, and other major software companies flash little pop-up alert boxes on my screen, and the alerts are ungrammatical or contain misspelled words. None of these businesses cares anymore, apparently, that they're showing off their illiteracy to the public and making themselves look amateurish - because all their competitors are doing the same thing.

Also, last night all the emails in my email inbox abruptly and mysteriously vanished. I was able to restore the oldest ones from a backup file I made last year when I bought my laptop, and I was able to restore the newest ones from Gmail's server. Between the two restorations, I didn't actually lose anything at all. But it was an annoyance I didn't need. And I'm still pained by the fact that when I was laid off, I did lose any personal emails I ever sent from work. I mean, I can live without them, but the completeness of my email archive has always been very important to me. I don't see how it would hurt companies so terribly to allow laid off employees to retrieve a few final personal electronic items from their computers, the same way they allowed me to retrieve a few final personal physical items from my cubicle. They already had someone standing over me and supervising me while I collected the physical items anyway, so it wouldn't be any harder to have someone standing over me and supervising me while I collected the electronic items. But no, they had already canceled my passwords and told me not to even touch the computer.

Then this morning, our Internet connection didn't work. Susan advised me to unplug the router and plug it back in, and after I did this a few times, our Internet was restored. But the secure connection I worked so hard to establish is gone! The router has somehow reset itself to the default settings. This irritates me greatly. I'm going to have to try to redo the whole thing today.

As for plants, my buckwheat has died, and one of my silver bush lupines is looking awfully wilted. I think it got too much water when the yard was flooded, even though I planted it on a little mound that stayed slightly above water. And the drainage ditch I dig did help drain the yard, even though I only managed to get the water flowing all the way out to the street for a few hours at a slow trickle. Most of the water got stuck at various places along the trench, but it evaporated or drained into the ground much faster that way than it had been doing when it all just sat around in a big lake in the back yard. Maybe my sick lupine will recover now. The other lupine that I planted at the same time, a yard or so away, is still looking good.
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