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Wildlife at the Watt Avenue Recreation Area, April 2007

Susan took me out to dinner last night, to celebrate my moving in with her. She took me to an Old West saloon. A real Old West saloon, built in 1851 and, until 1972, running a brothel on its second floor. She entertained me throughout dinner by analyzing how homophobic straight men unconsciously flirt with each other at bars. Today one of her students told her that he saw her driving downtown last night with her "boyfriend." Apparently it is possible to mistake me for a man.

Unrelatedly, I want to post another set of ancient photographs now, of the Watt Avenue Recreation Area along the American River Parkway in Rosemont (a suburb directly adjacent to the east side of Sacramento). These are from April 2007, a few months before I met Susan, when I went on a first and last date with a woman from Craigslist. The date consisted of walking by the river in the rain for one hour and 15 minutes, then going home. The conversation was unproblematic but not particularly interesting, and we did not touch each other in any way whatsoever. It was a pleasant enough walk but didn't forge any sense of connection, and I never saw her again. But I did take lots of pretty wildlife photographs, which I never got around to posting - because a few months later, I went on a first and definitely not last date with a different woman from Craigslist, whose name was Susan, and a great deal more sense of connection was forged on that date - so much that for the next year and a half, I was too busy to finish posting these photographs.

I took photographs of the Watt Avenue Recreation Area on two separate days - once when I scouted out the area in advance to make sure it was suitable for a date, and then again during the actual date. However, I did not separate the photographs according to the day I took them; instead, I separated them according to whether the photographs were of animals or plants. This post will contain the pictures of animals. A separate post will contain the pictures of plants.

When I scouted out the area in advance, there were two geese right at the entrance who seemed to be a mated pair, although one was a Canadian goose and the other was a Greylag goose (a descendant of escaped domestic geese from Europe). If the two successfully interbreed, they will produce some seriously weird-looking hybrid goslings.

After a while, the Greylag goose dove into the water and swam around in circles, posing for more pictures.


It came up on the bank again, a few feet away from me, on the other side of these tall grasses.

Then it swam away toward the Watt Avenue Bridge.

I went home, and came back a few says later with my date. Her name was Rebecca. A squirrel in a tree greeted us at the entrance.

A flock of large black birds took off above our heads.

The geese had been replaced by mallard ducks.

We walked along the shoreline. There was a pair of Canadian geese out on the river.

A little farther on, there was another pair on land - with three tiny goslings!

Only a clump of purple vetch stood between us and the goose family. The goose parents became uncomfortable with this, however, and herded the goslings into the river.

Tiny downy goslings! Tiny downy goslings! Okay, they'd had enough of paparazzi like me. We walked farther along the shoreline and discovered some egrets.

Then the egrets flew away.

So we found a third pair of Canadian geese. This pair was investigating a piece of driftwood.

One of them stretched its wings wide while wading into the water.

Then they both swam away.

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