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Drowned Plants, No Job Ads, and a Weird Kitty

Despite the drainage ditch I spent most of January digging, all my plants are drowning. Water is flowing quite freely through the ditch and out onto the sidewalk at the moment, because we've had so much rain, but the water has also overflowed the ditch in all directions. Even my coffeeberry, which is supposed to be able to survive almost anything, is looking quite wilted. I suspect the soil is so sodden that oxygen can't circulate at all anymore. My garden is a Freshwater marsh! The only plants looking healthy anymore are my Santa Barbara sedge, three of the four deergrasses (the fourth one looks dead), and the weeds.

There are no jobs at all to apply for these days, so I've been filling my time taking online classes in XHTML, DHTML, CSS, Perl, and so on. To practice my XHTML, I converted my website from HTML to XHTML over the weekend. This should make it easier to access on handheld devices like BlackBerries, iPhones, and other such expensive things. It also gives me more skills to list on my résumé, for whenever there are any jobs to send my résumé to again. I know I should be sending it even to companies that aren't advertising job openings, but there are practically no publishing companies within an hour's drive of here, and I can't relocate because Susan can't relocate, and there don't seem to be any companies other than the one that just laid me off that allow full-time telecommuting for new employees. That leaves technical writing, but I'm having a very difficult time figuring out around here which companies would need technical writers.

Stardust came into the bedroom this morning and jumped up on the bed. It was the first time since we moved that she's jumped up on the bed on her own while I was in it. Taco was on the bed too, but Boston wasn't in the room, which is probably why Stardust dared to jump up. I was hoping she'd curl up next to me, but instead she walked across Susan's face, jumped on top of a tall armoire, and proceeded to blow across the top of a tall glass for ten minutes, producing amplified, echoey kitty breathing noises. Now she's sitting next to the sliding glass door and squeaking at the insects outside.
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