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My Garden's First Flowers!

My garden has produced its first flowers ever! Some of my plants did have flowers on them when I first bought them, and it's possible they grew additional flowers after I put them in the yard, but it's also possible they didn't. Today, though, for the first time, I found flowers in my garden that definitely were not already there at the nursery. My golden currant (Ribes aureum) that I bought last November is blooming for the first time, in the back yard.

None of my other plants are blooming yet, though. There are California golden poppies blooming in other people's yards all over town, but I have a back yard full of non-blooming California golden poppies. I haven't even seen any buds. There are also various trees blooming all over town, but my redbud tree doesn't have a single bud.

Still, I have currant flowers! I can't be a total failure at gardening, because I managed to make at least one plant happy enough that it's producing flowers.
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